Healthy Food Swaps that we should use in our living

Healthy Food Swaps

Healthy Food Swaps

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Well today i am writing on  healthy food swaps, let me first tell you what are healthy food swaps. You must have heard someone saying to take brown bread instead of white bread. This is called healthy food swap. I have listed some food swaps below.

Healthy Food Swaps

Healthy Food Swaps
What to choose

People often ask for ideas of healthy snacks or simple food swaps they can make in their day to reduce calorie, sugar and fat intake whilst ensuring they stay topped up with nutrients and don’t get too hungry. Here are some ideas for foods swaps that don’t have to cost a lot and are still delicious as well as healthy.

Swap this  ->   To this

Diet soda   ->   Sparkling water

Mayonaise ->   Avocado or Mustard

Cream        ->   Blended cashew and water

Milk           ->    Almond milk

Ice cream ->     Frozen banana ice-cream

Pasta         ->     Spaghetti squash

Choclate   ->     Sweetened cocoa powder mixed with coconut oil

I will be back with more food swaps in a while. Thank you for reading.

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Please feel free to share your ideas on healthy snack or healthy swaps that you have made to your own diet at [email protected]


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