Success Story of The Rock

success story of the rock
Success Story of The Rock
The Rock

“If you smell what the rock is cookin”

Hello Global Today i am going to tell you about the success story of The Rock. Here i go:-

Dwayne Douglas Johnson also known as The Rock made his debut in Hollywood as Scorpion King, a supernatural bad guy, in 2001’s The Mummy Returns. . We saw him fit in the movie but didn’t know about the hard work behind it. Before coming to this field he was WWF professional wrestler.

Success Story of The Rock

Success Story of The Rock
Rock family

Despite his father’s success in wrestling he couldn’t make enough money for the family. So as result his mother had to work as a cleaning lady to support the family. One day they came home and saw a lock on their door because the couldn’t even pay them rent. At that point his mother started crying and said “where are we going to live?”  “What are we going to do?”.

Even though his ancestors were wrestlers he followed his dream of becoming a football star. But a severe injury took him off the field and his dream of becoming a football star failed before he even hit big in the game.

Success Story of The Rock
rock as football player

“The dreams i had were crushed. I was crying constantly. That was my absolute worst time.”

-Dwayne Douglas Johnson

But still, he never gave up.

A New Start

He started training hard to build his muscles. Soon he got his tryout match for wrestling.

Success Story of The Rock

“I was broke as hell and didn’t even own wrestling boots, knee pads or any wrestling gear.”

-Dwayne Douglas Johnson

WWF wrestling star “THE ROCK”

Success Story of The Rock
chessy rock

Finally he became professional wrestler in WWF and was called by the name “The Rock”. But even after becoming a WWF wrestler, WWf fans rejected him due to his cheesy character. The crowd chanting “Die Rocky die!” and “Rocky sucks!” could be heard during his matches.

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But he turned his haters into fans by defeating even the biggest superstars of his time. This is called success.

Today Dwayne Johnson is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood and is a superstar of his time.

What we learn

Rock’s story teaches us:-

“If you’re going through hell, Keep going!”

Where there is no Struggle, there is no Strength




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